Horses Are Our Business

Transporting horses can be very stressful on horses, but oftentimes it is just as stressful for their owners. With different state laws, different opinions about the do's and dont's of trailering horses, and the general anxiety of entrusting someone else with your horse, the process can be very confusing and stressful.

U.S Horse Transport puts the safety and care of horses first and foremost, while looking out for their owners as well! We are very experienced horsemen, and have 30+ years experience hauling horses. Hire U.S. Horse Transport to safely and competently get your horse where it needs to be. 


We Provide

  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Coast to Coast Routes 
  • Short Hauls
  • Emergencies/Rescues
  • Book Whole Trailer  


Office Hours: Mon–Fri 8am - 4pm (MST)

ph: 719.429.1781
fax: 719.362.4114 

U.S. Horse Transport
Canon City, Colorado